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Briefing for finalists on 12 Jan | SCCL App Competition 2018

Congratulations to the teams who made it to the finals of the competition! Your teachers should have been notified in December. For the teams who didn’t qualify, we hope you had an enjoyable and fruitful learning experience, and that you’ll take what you learned and apply it towards making amazing things.

For the teams who qualified, please note there’s a briefing for finalists. Details below:

  • When: 12 January 2018, 2:30pm to 5:30pm
  • Where: Singapore Centre for Chinese Language, 287 Ghim Moh Road
  • Please note this briefing is not compulsory. We will provide the updates/slides on Slack* after the briefing.

* Has your team joined the finalist Slack group yet? If not, please send an email to appcompetition2018@sccl.sg with your team number, CCing all your team members’ emails.

Here’s the plan for the briefing:

  • Milestone submission and presentation details
  • General feedback and showcase of existing apps
  • Using Slack to communicate
  • Assets and avatars available for use
  • Making your game more fun: gamification concepts
  • (Optional, from 4pm) Concurrent feedback/consultation sessions

See you there, or on Slack!