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– YES!

Is the general approach to learning languages too monotonous? Have you ever seen exciting games that involve learning languages? Like a contest with each other and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with successfully overcoming it? The game you’re looking for is here, YES! This is a test of endurance and ability, speed and strength. Duel with your friends and experience great excitement as you shout YES!
Anglican High School :
Lim Hui Xian, Tan Hui Yan, Ng Pek Zee Crystal


– Bao Bao Xue Zi

See your Zi Bao Bao (“字宝宝”) Chinese character flashcards come to life! Scan any flashcard from P1 and P2 packs to reveal the corresponding models in animated 3D Augmented Reality (AR) view along with its oral pronunciation and meaning (learn mode). Next, challenge yourself by matching a random 3D model with the correct physical flashcard in AR view (play mode). Based on the current Singapore MOE syllabus for Chinese Language, this app helps Lower Primary students to read, pronounce and memorise Chinese characters.
Institute of Technical Education :
Muhammad Zaki Bin Sadar , Leong Jia Hui,
Sean Lai Jun Xiong, Joey Goh Shao Hong


– EC Learn

Learning Chinese made easier with ECLearn 易习华文, where interactive design and audio support are available in both English and Chinese Languages. Focuses on five aspects of Chinese: Pinyin 拼音, Writing 字形, Understanding 字义, Pronunciation 字音and Application 运用. Thus, your success in Chinese is guaranteed by ECLearn 易习华文. Get started with ECLearn 易习华文 right now!


Nan Hua High School :
Luo Hongxun, Kenneth Tan Xinrong, Goh Jinyuan,
Lim Jia Le


– Xmas and His Friends

Ever worried that your child would grow up in an English-speaking environment unable to use Chinese? Fret not. This app showcases a variety of authentic Mandarin conversations to help your child achieve proficiency in Chinese. Decorate your house, solve mysteries and escape from dangerous hunts! Learning a language ought to be a joyful process. Let Xmas and His friends start that process!
Hwa Chong Institution (College):
Xu Yitian, Pan Taixi, Han Jiale, Liew Zhao Wei


– PENtastic

It’s time for you to start learning the PENtastic way! If you want to learn Chinese the enjoyable way, or if your child would like to start building his/her foundation in Chinese language now, you should definitely download this app. This app combines stories, interactive games and other unique features to get you fully immersed in the Chinese language! We think that you should begin by learning the names of the objects you use everyday-your stationery! Be assured, after you have been through our app, you will become an expert in stationery!
Singapore Chinese Girls’ School :
Ang Jialing Tyra, Fang LingYun, Joyanne Fernandez


– Panda Learns Chinese

Panda Learns Chinese creates an engaging and immersive world to educate young users on the different jobs in Chinese. Various stations provides a variety of sub-games in our application, keeping the interest of young users for a long time.  Fun does not come at the expense of education! The sub-games enable users to learn relevant words or phrases through listening and applying them in sentences, the repeated occurrences reinforcing their understanding and memorisation, exposing and educating them in a natural, casual way.
Dunman High School :
Ang Koon Hwee, Chen Yiyang, Dai Tianle, Zhang Yizhuo


– Tuzhan

Meet 图战 – the ultimate Chinese learning companion for your Primary school child. Enable your child to learn about Singapore’s various occupations through an exciting and engaging player-versus-player pictorial puzzle system. Your child can: – Challenge his/her friends to solve Chinese pictorial puzzles – Find opponents online – Review the results of his/her past matches – Learn from his/her mistakes through a flashcards system. Download 图战 now and may the battles begin!
Hwa Chong Institution :
Alistair Cheong Liang Chuen, Wang Yiqin, Chen Zerui


– Supermarket Adventure

Supermarket Adventure is a Chinese Language teaching app that makes learning fun for kids using Augmented Reality. The game takes place in a supermarket environment featuring icons of fruits so that kids are able to match them to it’s correct name that is being read.





Institute of Technical Education :
Jessica Tung, Kelsey Lim, Dayna Lim, Mahmudah Syafiqah


– ChiLearn Kids

Learn chinese the fun way! Explore colourful hand-drawn environments and play entertaining mini-games. Learn words and phrases from different topics ranging from stationery to animals and much much more!
Jurong Junior College :
Chester Chua, Eunice Koo, Jevy Chua, Yash Dixit


– Animal Kingdom

Hey! Come on an adventure with us in the Singapore Zoo filled with cute animals! Learn new vocabulary while having fun. Complete the adventure and unlock all our attractive electronic stickers. Complete the game by filling up the sticker book. Enjoy!
Jurong Junior College  : 
Kelly Loh Li Ting, Chua Pei Ci, Foo Jia Qi


– Chinese World Explore

Learn chinese the fun way! Explore colourful hand-drawn environments and play entertaining mini-games. Learn words and phrases from different topics ranging from stationery to animals and much much more!
River Valley High School :
Pang Eng Meng Wyzley, Loh Teck Weng, Ong Zhi Yi, Pek Ning Xuan


– Le Le Learning

This app engages students by allowing them to master the hanyu pinyin on vocabs related to the theme “Public Transportation”. Students will also get to know more about Singapore’s places of attractions through on-the-go games. With this app , you will be able to: • Master and learn basic hanyu pinyin on the vocab related to the theme “Public Transport”. • Assess, deepen and consolidate their learning of the hanyu pinyin on the related words. • Equip students with more information about Singapore’s places of attractions. • Keep learning motivation active with the various interesting games.
Compassvale Secondary School :
Eng Jie Xuan, Shermaine Tan Rui En, Leow Lu Yu


– Le Xue Garden

乐学天地 (Le Xue Garden) enables Pre-schoolers to recognize and pronounce Chinese Words, greet in simple phrases and also to build their motor skills and concentration. • Master and learn the vocabulary link to the themes “plants”, “daily greetings”, “colors” and “numbers”; • Reinforce the preschooler’s learning by recapitulating on the vocabulary related to the themes “Plants” and “Daily Greetings” with randomly generated questions included in every game; • Listen to the audio for the correct pronunciation; • Different types of interactive games to motivate continuous learning.
Compassvale Secondary School :
Shawn Ee, Darren Yeo, Tan Hong Ming, Celine Chua


– Chinese Playground

Is learning Chinese difficult and boring? Do you want to have an enjoyable time? If so, this game is for you! This game allows you to not only have a lot of fun, but also to learn new words, and reinforce your current knowledge. Through speech, listening, speaking and writing, these four aspects of learning chinese will attract children’s attention and allow them to have fun, while learning good values and chinese.
Dunman High School :
Leo Qiyi Joel, Chou Bi Yu, Jake Kee Chong Han, Koh Joon Yang Ethan


– Chinese at fingertips

This game is simple and fun, targetted at younger students. This allows students to review basic Chinese characters on the textbook, strengthening their understanding of these characters. Students will come to love the Chinese language! This game is educational, and incentive based, meaning players who pick the wrong fish will not take score penalties. This encourages players to try more topics, allowing them to have more confidence while learning Chinese.
Hwa Chong Instituition :
Leong Guang Shian, Tan Lay How Caleb, Seow Eng Yi, Lim Tia Kiat


– My Family

Would you like to find out more about your loved ones and what their hobbies might be? Designed for early learners, this app aims to teach your child how to address relatives properly in Chinese The Chinese terms are translated to English. Translations are provided so learning is fun and engaging! With highly entertaining multimedia and responsive interactive element, this educational app will keep your child engaged and at the same time, improve the child’s language ability. What’s more? Through the family-bonding activities in the app, one will get to know the rest of the family members better, Download this app for free now!
Nanyang Girls’ High School :
Yang Xinyue, Wang Qin, Xiao Wen, Tay Ru Yi Ruby


– Pocket Bus

口袋巴士, which means “全新加坡的景点都被装在了我的口袋里”, is an app where the kids can “travel” around Singapore easily in the “bus” and enjoy learning Chinese in their journey. It aims to accelerate Chinese learning using graphic tools like animation. Learning Chinese with this app is a never-ending journey, as it covers a wide range of content, supported by a fixed format and the use of web service. To sustain interest, users go on an adventure to learn about chinese and the relevant themes.
NUS High School of Mathematics and Science :
Ang Kang Rong Roy, Andrew Yapp Wei Rong,
Kyle Zheng Ching Chan, Cai Chen Jing


– Exploring Chinese

Here in Singapore, we give our students nothing but the best education by embracing innovation and new technologies that enhance their learning, even from a small age. This is a specially designed mobile application tailored towards six to eight year old children, containing various fun and unique mini-games that tap on their unbridled curiosity to help them get started on learning the Chinese language. From magnifying glasses to sparkling jewels, the application is short of nothing to sustain your child’s interest. So come, let’s embrace Smart Education to truly become a Smart Nation – download this application today!
NUS High School of Mathematics and Science :
Winson Heng, Mathan Chidambaranathan,
Gnoh Cheng Yi, Deepak S/O Alagusubramanian


– Our Playschool

Specially curated for Primary 1 and Primary 2 children, our app includes two engaging mini games with varying questions and a full collection of the syllabus taught in Primary 1 and Primary 2. It boasts of extra features such as allowing you to add your own words, and idioms or sayings that will incite the curiosity of your children. Give this moral infused app a chance, and watch your child’s Chinese develop!
Temasek Junior College :
Megan Tan Ying Xun, Lai Keng Yu, Rayner Sheak Hoy Yip,
Oliver Kong Tin Lok


– Lele Land

Stages are provided for the kids to play with and learn the different objects that are frequently seen in schools. At the start of each stage, there will be a small story introducing the name of the object. The kids will learn what’s the name and what the objects are used for. After the story, there will be a song played, the song will include words that are taught in that stage.  There will be a small quiz/game at the end of the stage, to test how much the kid had learnt. The coins gained in-game will allow them to customize their own characters / avatars!
Woodgrove Secondary School :
Xxia Yip Hsuen, Koh Jia Qian, Onn Jia Xuan, Yeoh Wan Yee