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Final Submission Details | SCCL App Competition 2018

Here are some critical updates for this competition, re-posted from Slack:

Deadline: As the previous deadline fell on Good Friday, we’ve extended it past the weekend. The new submission deadline is Monday, 2 April 2018, at 3pm.

Where to submit: Please go to the link in Slack to submit. Please expect to spend at least 10 minutes answering questions and uploading files.

What to submit: Everything is in the link. Details:

  • Blurb & screenshots. What would you write to get users to download your app? Keep in mind your target audience: probably teachers and parents.
  • Copyrighted material. Please list here all credits for externally sourced media, including all original authors, and links to the original material.
  • Software used. For the Open Category especially, we need you to list where to get all the software we need to open your source files.
  • Source code. Please upload your Thunkable/App Inventor AIA export file, or full source code for other platforms. Please compress into a ZIP file before uploading.
  • Installable (optional). If there’s a APK or executable, please provide here so we can play with your app easily.
  • App demo, as file and as YouTube link. Please test to make sure your link is viewable by us.
  • Social media URL: Please upload your video demo (or, if you have time, an awesome trailer for your app) onto Instagram or Facebook, with hashtag #scclappcompetition, your group number, and tag @tinkercademy (on FB/Insta) and @SCCLSG (on FB). Share a link to either or both.

Thanks! As always, please email us at appcompetition2018@sccl.sg if you have any questions.